Multi Pong 2 - Group Testing

Multi Pong’s back (finally) in its second iteration! I completely rewrote 95% of the game from scratch off and on for the past 2 years. Currently I’m starting to stress test in order to see if the game can actually hold upwards of 20 players, but pretty much the only testing that’s been done so far has been between 2 players(me and my alt), so expect, and please record, any bugs found.

Some new(cool) features in Multi Pong 2:

  • Larger servers
  • Proper server/client separation
  • The minimum server size needed to play was reduced from 3 to 2
  • Maps(scenery) scale with the arena, and player walls always stay the same size, keeping gameplay fair
  • Two new game modes (Juggernaut and Double team)
  • More than 2 power ups! (Old Multi Pong code was so bad it was impossible to actually make more power ups)
  • Paddle upgrade points for a variety of play styles - want to go max speed with a tiny paddle? Or maybe you want more control and opt for a larger paddle with a larger rotation angle. Either way, customization points make for a unique experience for every player
  • Global stat leaderboards for hits, kills, wins, and levels
  • Stat tracking - check out the leaderboard section in the menu. Click on the box that says “X Player Games” and put in a new number to get a bar graph of the player’s placements(1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc) throughout their Multi Pong career
  • You can look up other player’s stats as well to keep track of your competition
  • Composite rankings are made using all of a player’s lifetime statistics, and are posted on the website’s leaderboard in the form of PlayerPoints