Multi Server Platform

So, I am a dreamer of course, and this one is really really big, and if it doesn’t work I completely get it.

But I am working on a game where you fly through infinite space and land on different randomly generated planets that are allow for complete customization. With some tricky scripting I figured out how to store terrain chunks on DataStores and load them for later, and this allows for you to claim your own planets and make them yours to customize.

So that aside, another aspect is space in this game, and I mean like flying through space. This is where the big question comes in, space battles.

I was wondering if there was a way to have real time talking between servers to show where other players are, meaning you can play with other players in a different server if you go to a ‘war-zone’ lets call it. Granted I don’t think this would work, and especially with lag and server delays; but I did wonder if anyone has done this or something like it.


Do you mean strictly communication, or all the servers would have real-time sync with other players in other servers? Edit: Like gameplay.

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So basically my thought was if there are 100 players in a war-zone, but lets say they were on 10 different servers, they could battle each other.

Ah, that’s actually a good idea! I’m not an experienced scripter but I think the only way this would be possible is if there was a global “list” of all people who want to battle. Then, let’s say you also wanted to battle, and you clicked “get opponent”. After this, you’d be teleported to a “battle server”. Again, I’m definitely not experienced in scripting, but I feel this would be the only way to accomplish that.


Yeah that’s what I was thinking, as I wrote this I kind of thought, "Well maybe if you went to a ‘War-Zone’ marked area it would simply teleport you to a battle server.

Man it would be cool to have a true battle-zone though, but it’s probably not for ROBLOX lol.


It would be cool, lol. Good luck on the game, glad I could help!

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That would likely be the only way, unless the battles are very slow paced (in which case the upcoming MessagingService might work). I think a warzone would probably be more fun for players as they could hop in or out at any time they want and it would be faster paced.