(Multi-Talented) Opening My Services Again!

About Me

Alright, So My Last Portfolio When I Closed My Services, I Got MANY Offers Of People Trying To Hire Me And They Were Sad That They Missed There Oppurtunity For My Animations, So Now Im Coming Back Harder,Stronger,And Better! I Used To Be a Animator Only, But Now I Am A Producer Aswell! (You Can Find My Music Here Stream YoBloxian music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud ) And My Animations Here : (Closed at the moment) Experienced Animator For Hire (Too Lazy To Update It But Ive Improved And I Can Send Some Newer Animations I Made When You Contact Me On Discord via TTrobloxianC#3037)

Payment And Availability

As Some As You Guys Know From My Last Post, My RGB Gaming Mouse Broke, So Im Trying To Build Up The Money To Buy It Again So I Can Only Accept Paypal/USD at the Current Moment.

What I Require From YOU

**People DM Me Expecting I Can Do 100 Animations In 1 Hour Which Is Impossible Considering They Want It Extremely Advanced Aswell, I Require From You To Be Patient And Only Judge If I Take Days For Animations (Which Wont Happen) And Yeah, Thats Pretty Much It, Thanks For Reading! **