Multiplayer Studio - Solid Modeling issues

I don’t know if this is already know or has been reported before, just pointing this out in case it wasn’t already.

So I’ve encountered this error many times now, where I union something in a place, save it, and the next time I’d open up the place in Cloud Edit, the unions would be invisible. You can still select them, but they are simply not visible, and any Solid Modeling command doesn’t work on it (Union, Negate, Separate).

Lately I worked on a tree which has some unions in it. I made this in a separate place, and eventually put it in the actual place it was meant to, so I was certain I had a backup of it if the issue was still present.

This was the result:


This error happens with any union. I made split wooden planks for docks I was making, and these disappeared too. So I temporarily replaced them by normal planks.

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Yep, it has:

And yeah, the problems you are experiencing is what me and @DoogleFox experienced with CSGs - it’s also why I am not wanting to touch Team Edit currently - despite how much fun it was to collaborate with my team using it. :frowning:

I hate to be this guy all the time, but you really need to stick your bug report into a subcategory as mentioned in this pinned post: Every bug should be in a sub-category

You can use the Search feature on Discord to look for posts on a particular topic, then you don’t have to make posts about issues that have already been discussed. The staff is already aware of this limitation and CSG in cloud edit is still a work in progress.

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This is being fixed (or has already been fixed) we’re just waiting on the update which should be around the 23rd. This advice below might help, given by @LordRugdumph

The places affected by the bug will have lost some of the CSG data, but it is recoverable if you go to the place configuration page and view the version history of the place (you should be able to temporarily revert to an older version, open that, save it somewhere to extract the CSG’ed objects).