Multiplayer Synchronised Dancing Game


So I was interviewed to be a developer at a large game development company here in the UK and I thought I’d share my product submission.

Roblox Multiplayer Dancing Game - YouTube

Essentially users can either tap (or swipe on mobile) to a given rhythm and earn points from it.

Of course it’s not without it’s bugs and seen in the video.

Users can step onto the dance floor and interact with it to start playing a mini game where the player starts dancing. They are then rewarded with a score based on how closely they tapped to the beat.

What I love about this system is the multiplayer, players have the same beats and the same rhythm so the competition is purely based on who performed the song the best!

I don’t know what you lot think but I really like it :stuck_out_tongue:
-Tom :slight_smile:


Looks like fun to me there. Nice concept! Just an issue with the arrow pointing to where the direction is going for. Lets say at the first part, I understand that you need to double tap left but it doesn’t like really that appealing

On my opinion, I would make sure that people are getting the feeling that they actually did pressed the key at the perfect time

I think it should look more interactive

Don’t mind the way of my feedback(if), its just an opinion.

Wish you success on your journey as a game dev there! Good luck👍

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I agree with all your points.

Fortunately though there’s an excellent of team of UX designers who are in charge of making it seems responsive and rewarding to participate and there’s also some modules that allow for people to design their own beats to their favourite songs!

The UX is really bad because I’m really bad at things like UIs and animations and stuff, I can only really program :stuck_out_tongue:

For the brief, I only implemented a random arrow every second sequence which is why it doesn’t match the song and is really linear but there is functionality for holding and swiping in a given direction if level designers can create the songs that way.


pretty sick stuff never seen anything like that!

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This is a really nice concept! Reminds me of DDR (Dance Dance Revolution (By Konami))

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Haha yeah I guess it does, I actually took heavy inspiration from the classic Club Penguin dance minigame (its basically an exact replica except this one is multiplayer vs friends).


congrats on getting the job dude; do great things! :blush:

I haven’t got it yet still waiting to hear back.
Thanks for the support though :smiley:

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I would recommend using some animations from the toolbox, because the roblox default dances, look awkward (I can’t really think of any other word to explain it.) when they get faster.


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Yeah I totally agree, the UX is pretty awful! For the interview purpose it was purely a programming interview so they’ll just check over my code and if I were to deploy this in a game scenario I would probably look at commissioning someone who’s good at UI/UX.

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