Multiple Adornees

Hi! I am trying to make a carspawner with a surfacegui as the screen. The only problem with this is that localscripts won’t run in the workspace so the Surfacegui needs to be in the StarterGui.
Is there a way to set the adornee of that Surfacegui to multiple parts?


What’s stopping you from making multiple?

You cannot set multiple adornees. You could duplicate the GUI, or use a system to dynamically change the adornee to a different part depending on where the player is or what they’re looking at, but you can’t set 2 adornees at once. If you’re worried about performance, you could use something like Collection Service to tag all of the GUI and edit them with one script on the client, which would probably be close to as performant as setting multiple adornees, and that way you could parent the GUI itself to the part and wouldn’t clutter your starter gui with several surface guis.

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Okay! I am going to look into the Collection Service then. Thanks for your answer.

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