Multiple charges when attempting to upload Audio via Asset Manager

I attempted to upload audio from a website which I have the license to use sound effects from. Originally I had uploaded the audio with a name that Roblox for some reason automatically declined. I tried to re-upload the audio for a few times before changing the name. With the name change, Roblox had finally let me upload the Sound Id, only for the sound effect to be content deleted.

I was charged for each of these upload attempts, as seen here. If this was a larger sound effect, this could’ve gotten pricy.

I was using the new Asset Manager window to upload Audio, which is extremely buggy as I’ve experienced.

I would like to know why an asset upload attempt charges me? I’ll never know if the sound effect I am attempting to upload from an off-site source will be content deleted and I’ll be charged regardless of the result. This was never the case before, as Roblox would inform you prior to charging you on the website whether or not the content is deemed appropriate.


This happens when you either upload on the Website or in Studio.

I noticed that I haven’t been getting refunds even though some Audio files have been rejected after uploading.

Normally we’d get a PM from the system saying that the audio got rejected and we receive a refund.

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Thanks for the addition, yeah there definitely seems to be an issue recently with this. Using the Asset Manager I was even charged before anything was even uploaded, during the prechecks.