Multiple group walls

Groups only have one wall at the moment which means that there isn’t really a way to sort posts into categories and everyone can see what everyone else posts.

I think it would be a nice feature if groups could have multiple walls so that posts could be organised into categories. For example, a development group could have a wall for game ideas, a wall for bugs, a wall for general conversation etc. It would help prevent useful posts from getting drowned out.

Each wall could also have a setting that determines what ranks can view it, so for example, devs in a dev group could use a wall for posting what they’re working on, and high ranks in war groups could share information between each other without lower ranks seeing it all.


So a forum?


Sort of in the sense that there’s multiple sub-forums, but there wouldn’t be threads like in a forum.

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Adding onto this group idea, I think it would be nice to be able to see other people’s rank when they post.
This keeps clans and groups very organized because you’ll know if they are High Rank or Low Rank.

I would love to be able to see multiple group walls and have a filtering system that allows me to see a specific rank’s post too.


cool idea, but would get messy if you got 10 group walls or so

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I hope they do this even though they’ve already promised group forums or something similar.

See: Lilly's Group Overhaul

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I think a feature like this is much more important now than it was seven years ago. For the past few years, there’s been a lack of community-wide communication on the site accessible to everyone using it, making it harder for developers to contact every member of their community easily, Allowing developers and even normal users to have organized communication within their communities while staying on-platform would help a lot. Moderation of spam bots obviously has to improve for this to happen, but this should absolutely happen at some point.