Multiple Network Owners on a Single Ship?

I have this battleship model that I am looking to script.

As you can see, it has 4 turrets. I would like for at least 3 of these turrets to be turrets that the captain of the ship does not control, aka this battleship would have a “crew” that controls the turrets, like seen in this Naval Warfare clip.

I’ve tried making vehicles where there was a separate gunner and a separate driver/captain, but the network ownership would get screwed up, and either the gunner or the driver would be unable to move around their respective features.

How do I make it so that, while a captain of my battleship drives the ship, the gunners can move the turrets around, and neither party would be interfering with each other? A potential solution I saw was having the turret movement be server based (e.g. a server script detects when the turret seat’s throttle or steer is changing and adjusts those angles server-sided), but that might be bad for performance.

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I found this topic:
A way to split model network owner? - Help and Feedback / Scripting Support - Developer Forum | Roblox

However, the solution was a lot more complicated than I’d like honestly, replicating the movement of one turret to everyone else - I expect there could be upwards of ten of these turrets moving around at once