Multiple things in a single row with UiListLayout


So basically im making a gui that displays all of the player’s stats and buttons on the side. (Not using UiListLayout currently)


I want to use UiListLayout for this cause it would make things much easier. (For example completely hiding a stat if the player doesnt have it). I dont know how to do that since UiListLayout would display everything vertically and i need the buttons to be on the side.

I tried using UiGridLayout but that makes everything the same size, i tried messing around with properties but that didnt help, i tried looking for answers on the devforum but i didnt find any.

Is there any way to achieve what im trying to do? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Pack the elements for a single row into a Frame.

ListLayout.rbxm (10.3 KB)


Oh my god it was that simple thank you very much lol
I feel dumb now