Multiple Verification Emails Degenerate Contents

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This post has been replaced and is probably not very helpful. It’s only here because it could at some point be helpful. Read the one below for the full story.

Okay, this is a weird one. Right now, if you verify a ROBLOX account, click Verify, and then go to verify another account, the button is not visible in the email.

I’ve only witnessed the bug once, as it is hard to reproduce, but here are the steps from what I can tell:

  • Have two unverified accounts.

  • Verify one of the accounts via Email.

  • Go to verify the second account.

  • This is the result: image

The account itself still says it is pending email verification.

I’m currently trying to locate all of my ancient alternate accounts and save them for posterity, but I’m running into a lot of trouble with verification. It seems that every time I send a verification email, the message I receive degenerates to the point that it’s completely empty. It can happen across multiple accounts, even.

Repro steps:

  • Have two or more alternate accounts
  • Verify one. You shouldn’t run into any trouble.
  • Verify the next one. The message you receive will not include the footer of the button to complete verification. You cannot verify the account.
  • Verify another account, or just re-send the verification email. The message will be empty. You still cannot verify your account.

I’m not sure what could possibly be causing this bug, but perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the messages are stacking?

If you click these buttons, does the entire message appear, or is it still missing text then?


If it shows the entire text after uncollapsing the email, then this seems to be an issue for Gmail to fix.

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oof. That’s the issue, thanks!
but that’s some really strange behavior. hmm

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Gmail does this because the message content is similar, at least the text is. Most other email clients won’t hide the text, but for example Mail for iOS uses coloring to tell you which part of the message is similar.


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