Mumble -Showcase

The project

The project was finished yesterday, heads up to CaptinLetus for helping me out with the scripting. The project wasn’t that big since it takes place in a desert, mostly all my other projects are pretty advanced so I kind of decided to make something simple and unique instead. The record player does work: Simply click on the disk. The record player does have about 6 songs but some of the songs might repeat themselves a 2nd time.

Also don’t forget to check out Cat’s Cottage and Big Wall if you haven’t, Big Wall is almost finished and it’ll have complete outdoor access as of right now the outside isn’t completely finished.

-Let me know your thoughts down in the comment section!


Link to showcases


Really good work, I love the effects and sitting animations on the desert showcase.

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Wood grain at some of the points is unrealistic, aka pointing upwards when the planks are not.
Can show a photo if needed.

Other than that, looks great! <3


Looks pretty good. Last pic on left-- wood looks unnatural where you unioned it.
Good job, you should add more.

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Really Nice, Love the lighting how it glows inside just like its being abandoned in the desert. Very nice work.

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love this :slightly_smiling_face:

i find the desert so inspiring and it’s a really unique scene choice for a showcase. this is the first desert showcase i’ve come across, and it definitely didn’t disappoint! i hope to see more from you in the future :+1: :eyes:

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