Murder Mayhem Tutorial

Murder Mayhem Tutorial

As a new Murder Mayhem player, you may be confused at how to play and also may be wondering what certain symbols mean. Refer to this tutorial for help.

Shop, Inventory, and Spectate

  • Shop: Allows you to buy and equip knives, guns, skins, and powers that are NOT tradable
  • Inventory: An upcoming feature that allows you to view and equip all of your TRADABLE items
  • Spectate: Allows you to spectate other players during an active round

Symbols and Icons

  • Premium icon: Shows that an item is premium-only (can only be purchased by premium players)
  • Timer icon: Shows that an item is limited-time (will go offsale shortly)
  • Halloween icon: Shows that an item is Halloween-event only

Commands and Controls

  • Emotes: Press T to play a random emote with SFX
  • Crouch: Hold C to crouch in-game
  • Show/Hide playerlist: Press TAB to show or hide the on-screen playerlist

Codes and Gems

  • Codes: Use codes RELEASE and UPDATE for free gems in-game
  • Gems: You can purchase gems by clicking on the + button on the left-hand corner of the screen

Want more information on different gamemodes? Be sure to click the ? button in-game!

That’s it! Thanks for reading! :heart: