Murnau or Warbound?

I’m currently using Warbound gun kits for my ww2 game, but I noticed it has a ton of flaws. Gun sounds aren’t heard by the other players, crouching is kinda weird, and if you aim down on your screen, it won’t for the other players. When I tested some Murnau Guns, they fixed all these problems. (well nearly. I didn’t test the gun sounds yet). So should I switch to Murnau or keep warbound? it would be a ton of work to convert all the guns I’ve made.

Edit: it’ll also be hard to keep track of all the files and scripts for Murnau, but warbound is functional by itself.

Edit2: Murnau is also super clunky.



Warbound looks nice for the client at least, but was really ugly to other players as no animations or sounds play to the server as well. I edited the Warbound kit a LOT and fixed most of the problems like with sounds, but the amount of problems just isn’t worth it to fix. The problem I hated the most was the fact that they didn’t make their renderstep functions independent of framerate, which meant that you’d be getting different amounts of things like recoil depending on your FPS. This makes it unstable for people with FPS unlockers or people getting low fps. I fixed most of the renderstep problems and made it independent of framerate but it was almost impossible for me to get the stats like recoil to be EXACTLY the same on every frame rate. Not to mention all of the animations are preset and you can’t really customize anything besides gun stats.

Murnau has a lot of details that I don’t need, but it might be the better choice for your game, considering it’s a WW2 shooter.

I’ve settled on the Edited FE Gun Kit by thienbao, which I think is the ultimate choice for making guns easily. This by far has the most potential and customization. If you’re going to animate it, I recommend animating it with Motor6Ds so that the gun isnt stuck to your right arm, and then use a GripToMotor6D script, easy. I’m pretty good at animation, and this gun kit gives you full control over virtually anything you could think of. It even has some extra cool features for more playful weapons like Icifying and setting someone on fire. Not to mention animations and sounds also replicate to the server, and has a built in effect (you can toggle it on/off) where it makes the gunsound sort of distant if it’s coming from far away, like Phantom Forces. I also made an arm/head follow mouse script and made it replicate to other players, so they can see where you’re looking.

FE Gun Kit:
There should be a lot of tutorials on how to use it as well if you can’t figure it out

You probably have to edit it around to get exactly what you want though, even though it’s probably not much. The only things I recall editing were these:

  • adding an inspect animation
  • editing muzzle color
  • removed the parts where it forced you to be in first person to ADS because my guns are in third person.

There’s probably some more custom stuff I added which I don’t remember.