Mushroom consumption against Roblox ToS?

Hello all. I am working on a game where players are able to turn into monsters at night when a certain set of requirements are met.

I am thinking of adding consumable mushrooms around the map, that players can pick up and consume. When they eat the mushroom they picked, their screen will flash red and bring them one step closer to becoming a monster.

Is this resembling drug consumption too much, that it crosses the borderline for the Roblox ToS? The mushrooms will look something like this:

I would suggest asking @DevRelationsTeam for a correct answer. In my opinion I don’t think it would.

Pretty sure this is against TOS.

Eating mushrooms is commonly referred to as a drug-use method which would make eating of mushrooms against TOS. Maybe you can try making mushrooms as part of a recipe for a potion or a stew?

Hmm, I see your point. Perhaps the user can pick mushrooms, then craft them into a potion at a specific crafting site, then drink the potion for the same effect?

I see how this would lead away from the drug consumption theme, but in the same sense they would be consuming a poisonous substance?

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Context does matter in moderation. I don’t think moderation would lay down the hammer simply because mushrooms can also be associated with drug use, but I don’t have full confidence that psychedelic themes are allowed on the platform. A potion or just a generic consumable (don’t call it a mushroom) raises, but doesn’t guarantee, the confidence of not being moderated.

Poison consumption and poisoning in general is definitely not against the rules, but stay away from any graphic depictions of said poisoning. Stuff like losing health and post processing effects are okay.

I would definitely recommend touching down with Developer Relations about your specific use case to see if they are able to produce a response or forward it to moderation for guidance. Generally for anything that’s ambiguous, you’ll want to do that rather than take chances.