Music Adjusting Sky

Hey! I am trying to make a music adjusting sky like in this video! I have no clue how to do it or where to start. Any help is appreciated!

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Can you share your script so I can help you with?

Not sure if that’s the actual sky changing. I would try experimenting with particles, beams, and lights to see if you could replicate the effect.

You can change the time day to night:

local Lighting = game:GetService("Lighting")

local function ChangeNight()
	local count = 0
		Lighting.ClockTime = Lighting.ClockTime - 0.09
	until count == 50


For the Beams, lights, etc. You can use this code to like sync the beat, but make sure you change the variables on the top so for example, if you have a different music, you will have to change the SyncWaitTime or SyncBeat. If it is a image, BillboardGui or an part, I’ll change the code for you.

local Beam = script.Parent
local SyncWaitTime = 0.25
local SyncBeat = 0.3

while true do
	Beam.Transparency = 0
		Beam.Transparency = Beam.Transparency + 0.05
	until Beam.Transparency >= 1

Hope it helps.

To do this, use the PlaybackLoudness property in the Sound object, which determines how strong the blink intensity will be.

Here is an example of such a script with a camera.
SoundTest.rbxm (2,6 КБ)

In Pls Donate it works like this:

Getting the PlaybackLoudness property → Conversion into optimal numbers → If the volume exceeds ~100, select a random area of ​​light and light it.

I assume that these are Beams located along the edges of the map.

havent heard of that for a while.

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