Music - Cell game

I have a game concept for a cell game where you play as a cell in the human body.

I make some music for it. What do you think? I am pretty new to chiptune.


The bending of the pitches is an interesting choice but I don’t think it really fits the song/genre too well. Overall, everything else sounds pretty good!

Well made, sounds very chiptune-ish. :smiley:

Wow! The melody is really good! Though it does get a bit chaotic at the end.

I don’t make chiptune so I can’t really give much feedback on the song, but what i’m assuming what is meant to be the snare is a bit loud could maybe turn the volume down slightly.

Good Job, I think this would fit well in a game :+1:

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I love chiptuned based musics, sniffs early days…

Yep the snare/noise is a bit loud but i appreciated his hardwork.

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I love it! Perfect for the games theme in my opinion, Seems like a epic journey, at the end of the song though, You should add more notes and a finisher or add the beginning note at the very end if you want a loop.

Good luck on this game :+1: