Music Composer [For Hire] - Blastii [OPEN]

Hey all, I’m Blastii! I am a video game music composer that has worked with various projects within the Roblox platform. Check out my website for more information about who I am and what I do.


For example work and pricing, visit my website below.




Discord: Blastii#4182

Prices are negotiable and vary depending on the complexity of the instrumentation. Please understand that there are a limited number of commissions that will be taken at one time with respect to current workload.

All Robux is to be handled via group funds
All USD is best done via Paypal

I look forward to working with you!


Her music is really great! Shes committed to giving a quality track each time, and has no problem making adjustments as requested. Would recommend her to anyone! Best of luck on your commissions.

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Honestly a fantastic composer with a great attitude. Sometimes I sit in-game and do other things just to listen to her music. Would definitely recommend!

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Commissions are now open for October!

Blastii is an excellent music composer. She has composed multiple tracks for my games and they all came out extremely well and everyone loves them. I completely recommend her services!

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