Music Composition Portfolio


Four years ago I began learning the world of music theory, and early last year I delved into Roblox development with my music! My best genres are funk/pop and ambient lo-fi hip hop.


  • Top student in two college level music classes during high school
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Work-oriented
  • Time management
  • Agreeable


Some of My Best

Other Recent Tracks


My availability varies due to school classes; however, I am nearly always available to contact day and night.

Commission Prices

$15 Dollars for a single song up to 2 minutes

$3 Dollars every 45 seconds after 2 minutes

*Please note. My prices are negotiable, but only to a certain extent. USD is preferred over R$. Orders paid for in R$ may be higher than USD prices.


You can contact me on the Dev Forums, Discord, or Twitter. The best way to reach me is here or Discord.

My Discord is: scarf_panda#8218
My Twitter is:

Feel free to message me if you want to hear some more examples, have any questions, offers, or anything of the type! I look forward to doing business with some new developers!

-scarf_panda :panda_face::v:


Sent a friend request on discord, Bylocks#7571