Music Copyright Flagging is Live Today

More often than not, audios don’t even play for me on site and I feel like it’s been almost 2 years since it started. You’ll have to try playing them in-game.


I’ve been using these two for my game. Any particular reason why nature sounds are being flagged as copyrighted?

I mean I’d upload my own ofc but now it feels a bit discouraging.


If only the classics like Caramelldansen and Foggy Mountain Breakdown were kept. I’ll miss them, listening to music through the Roblox radio GUI back in 2010-2011 was a huge part of my childhood, even though it’s something so miniscule. I’ll treasure the memories.


rip my favourite yt music :sob:

I will miss the audios…

Yet another wind sound. Can I not have nature sounds in my game?

I feel like this is going to become a frequent issue. If someone uploads a popular pop song, then yeah, I get that. But flagging every single kind of sound effect is kind of excessive imo. I’m under the impression that if I hunt down audios under a creative commons license (if I’m remembering the name correctly), for example, they’ll still be flagged, and I’ll have to go dispute that. This comes across as a huge inconvenience for content creators, especially for games that rely heavily on sound effects, i.e. Shooters.

However, I may also be wrong here. If I remember correctly when new types of asset moderation were introduced, like Meshes, the amount that were declined at the start, as well as the bans, was excessive, but over time was adjusted.

Side note, if there are nature sound alternatives uploaded by Roblox, I’d use them, but I wouldn’t know if there were as I cannot search ‘wind’ without having to sort through 100 songs.


Is there a way to get the audio ID of the music that replaces a copyrighted asset? A few of my tracks were replaced and I’d like to access the audio they were replaced by.


These are copyrighted? The system is working properly, what’s the issue?

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Man, this thing is taking down a lot of my music that was definitely free. I’m very confused about it.


I don’t see the point in flagging nature sounds that could’ve been recorded anywhere by anyone, or any sound effect that isn’t as distinguishable as a song. It is an issue if they are exact duplicates ripped from a game, though.


Also, this was my main point:


It’s probably from one of those ‘SFX Albums’ that have ~100+ SFX for $10. It’s anyone’s guess though - Roblox should at least tell you the copyright holder.


Yeah. That would provide much needed clarity.


Roblox should create a sub category for sounds distinguishing music from FX, because I have run into the exact same problem with searching for sound effects for my game, only having to trail through hundreds of songs with the same name uploaded by Roblox.


Roblox should also include in the description of a copyrighted asset what the asset was called before they decided to forcibly change the name of all copyrighted audio pages.


Yet they flagged our place and broke basically the entire purpose.


You’ll probably want to email, the copyright system is an automated process and doesn’t factor in whatever you include in the place description.

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I know, I did that like a week ago… Still waiting.

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