Music Copyright Flagging is Live Today

Hey Developers,

A few weeks ago,we announced that copyrighted content will be removed from Studio. This change is going to begin processing today.

For all music flagged as copyrighted that you have not replaced or updated, Roblox is in the process of substituting in a composition of placeholder music.

To help you identify copyrighted music in your games, Studio will notify you if your soundIds are referencing copyrighted songs (image below). Please keep in mind that if you set the soundId at runtime, you will not be notified that the songs are copyrighted by Studio until you run the game. If you have personally obtained licenses for music in your game, please email with information about which songs were affected and the details of your license agreement.

Please note, this output warning is clickable, and clicking this warning will select all of the relevant Sound objects with that ID. Then, you can replace all the same sound IDs at once.

If you’re looking to replace your audio, you can find a list of assets here: Roblox

For more information on the change, please read the original post here: Upcoming Music Changes and Copyright Related Action

Happy developing!
The Developer Relations Team


rip clubs
rip radio game passes
You won’t really be missed.

I will kind of miss other music, but I guess we got YouTube and the official sources of said music for that.




Too many horrid memories of people playing horrible sounds during Egg Hunt 2015, which had everyone given free access to the radio.

At last, that age is over. No longer shall we worry about that, shall we?


The results of this change has placed some interesting tracks at the top of the library.

A few examples of this

(I should note that I’m not hating on them, just find them super interesting)


The only disappointment I have from this is that alot of good disco tracks got hit. :frowning:

But atleast APM has some discoey songs.


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Nice, but the first audio on the front page is a song from imagine dragons


Means that IP holder hasn’t sent a DMCA request to Roblox.


plz dont flag our place


I’m a bit worried about the punishments if you upload a copyrighted song… will this result in a warning, a ban, or just deletion of the song? Will the robux be refunded?


No moderation actions, no refunds (a completely neutral approach).

If audio is falsely removed (i.e. you have a proper license to that asset), just email developer relations and they will restore the asset.


Is this for songs that pass moderation (somehow), or is this also the case if a song gets rejected during moderation for copyright violation?

How would uploading licensed songs go? Would you need to email Roblox first and then upload?

Which part of my response are you referring to, the refunds/moderation bits or about emailing developer relations?

In either case: after today’s copyright flagging, I can imagine you will actually get a moderation warning if you try to upload blocked content to the website again. You would also not get any refunds because it is an offence. You could just email developer relations if that happens in error.

This copyright flagging system only flags content of which Roblox has received a DMCA to take it down and prevent it from being uploaded again. It would be unlikely that you run into this issue for content you licensed off of someone unless the owner of the rights of that track sent a DMCA to Roblox beforehand. You just have to email developer relations in the event that a mistake does happen.

Is there a way to find the placeholder music that was used to replace copyrighted audio? Some of the placeholder songs seem pretty good but it’s nearly impossible to find them in the hundreds of audios all sharing the same tags.


I got a loop of seagull sounds taken down that I got from a royalty free site a long time ago
is that just a false positive or does this cover more than just music


The seagulls sent a DMCA request… o_O

Probably a false positive, though. Try emailing developer relations.


Is there any “filter” (somewhat if we’d name our audio with something inappropriate), that would prevent us from uploading a possibly copyrighted audio?

If there is (or will be), would it check for audio’s name only, or would it check the audio itself?

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Will we be able to know from the audios page whether or not it’s been flagged by this system? I noticed one of my audios that I made myself in FL studio won’t play on the page when I press the button, and I’m wondering if it’s been falsely flagged or if that’s just a glitch?