Music gets removed for copyright immediately - this needs to be reconsidered

As a Roblox developer and a musician, I cannot stop feeling paranoid that the music I make and upload will be wrongly deleted for copyright infringement.

Around maybe the second half of last year, I made and uploaded a song to our game development group. The song was completely original, save for the samples that have been used plenty of times and that are completely free to use. Overall, it was my own creation intended for our game.
Recently- or what I can only guess as recently, the song was removed by Roblox for copyright infringement. I did not notice it was removed until today. Normally assets uploaded under your profile that get removed are followed up by a message to your inbox describing what occurred. I was never notified. I’m a developer in the group, developers should know when a song uploaded by a group is removed, and it’s ridiculous that that’s not the case.
Back to the song I am complaining about though. On January 21st of this year, I filed an appeal to get the song restored, unaware that Roblox immediately removes system-flagged audio. Part of me understands why they remove audio right away; it can be meticulous to manually delete copyrighted songs attempting to be uploaded by random users.
What I cannot understand is why it happened allegedly recently when it’s been completely untouched by the system for some months prior. Knowing that audio can be removed any time for copyright infringement makes me worried for the other songs I’ve made and uploaded. It makes me respect the way the audio flagging system handles copyrighted audio much, much less. It is not helped that Roblox is *“actively working on a process for users to show proof of ownership/permission to get these audios restored” while my music is getting removed immediately. I’m certain the staff saying this means well, but it tells me that making audio restoration is of low priority.
I know *“exceptions cannot be made for audio assets that have been blocked by our filters that detect unlicensed music at this time”, but I am getting desperate; audio should be manually checked if they’re flagged at this point, and group developers really need to know when audio uploaded to the group is removed.

*Quotes are from the response to my appeal from Roblox Support.

QUICK EDITS: I had this post saved as a draft for a few months now; I made this post a little more specific by virtue of dates.