Music I uploaded is not working in script or website

So Im working on a game that I want background music in, however one song that i uploaded does not work in either studio or the website. On studio I get an error saying,
" 17:52:46.684 - Sound “rbxassetid://5116253588” failed to load in “Workspace.Music.Sound.SoundId”: Request Failed"

Is there a way to fix the audio or re upload it?

When an asset has the circle with the cross through it like that, that means that the asset has been moderated. Roblox moderators have denied the sound and should have refunded you. You will get a notification in your messages when this happens (which it looks to me like you don’t check).

If you believe the sound was moderated by mistake, and does not actually violate the ToS or community guidelines, you can just add a half second of silence to the clip or change something else minor and re-upload the clip to be re-considered for moderation. You have to change something minor or else Roblox will recognize it as something they’ve already moderated and they’ll just decline it again.

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Thank you for that information. there was a message sent by roblox I just didn’t see it. I will try your idea for re uploading the audio. Thank you :slight_smile:

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