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Greetings Developers,

I would like to ask if its possible to stop the current main sounds and play an another music / sound in a specific ground area. I already have tried it with multiple tutorials but none of them worked. Would appreciate that if someone will be able to send a script!

Here are the current “main” sounds and the script with it:

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So are you trying to make different playlists of music play in different zones on your map?

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You can use ZonePlus to detect when a player enters a zone, then you can play the music.

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Does it stop the main sounds tho?

What are the main sounds? Are you talking about music that plays everywhere, but not in a zone?

no only one music to play it in a zone (area) on my map while it stops the main musics if you enter the “zone”

yes that plays everywhere on my map.

If you don’t mind using a free model, there is this: Background Music Toolkit by Cindering - Roblox. It just handles music zones for you. But of course, making one yourself isn’t too hard.

You can detect when a player enters and leaves a zone so you can stop it when a player leaves, if you read the documentation which is pretty simple it’ll explain how to do it.

Alright ill try this out. does it also automatically stop the main music if you enter the music zone? (music that plays everywhere)

If it has support for global music, then yes. I don’t think it supports playlists of music though.

Global music seems to be working but the music zone isn’t. I have followed the instructions already.

Made this for you, explanations in the model

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