[Music] Main Menu Theme & Grasslands Theme | PB & Jay

I’ve made some background music for my game, PB & Jay. The goal of the music is to be ambient, some-what upbeat/happy. If it helps to share inspiration, I can do so.

Main Menu Theme:

Grasslands Theme:

I feel as though music is not my strong suit; that it will not match my standards of quality for the game I’m making. I’ve been researching music theory, looking for inspiration, and looking to help IRL. The scope/time and knowledge I have here isn’t the best, but I’m open to criticism.


Checking the main menu theme, it isn’t soothing enough according to acoustic ideas. However, it is as you think, it is upbeat and happy in that direction. The ambient idea however needs more working with the techniques of using delays and reverbs as appropriate as you can possibly do.

Grasslands is fine with the sounds and atmosphere. I still like the simplicity, but there seems to be some issue with placing the rhythms of the percussive elements and other things, in order to glue them together. The melody is all over the place, but within scale. Maybe it’s also the chord progression that doesn’t quite make it hit right.

Overall for both, they are at best by baseline(not to be confused by bassline). It just needs more refining on the melodic and chordal sequences. The rhythms doesn’t need much working apart from getting the instruments to “work alongside each other” or in tandem.