Music showcase a good idea?

Hello, so I wanted to put all my music that I have made and uploaded to roblox and I thought making a music showcase be the best idea or would it?

  • Do I have to run ads?
  • Would people want to stay?
  • Should this be better if I made it into a vibe game?

The music I make goes to happy-scary, Fast-slow.

  • How would I make the game?
  • Would it be good to keep adding music?
  • Should I sell gamepass and have badges?
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What’s the purpose behind the game?
How do you want to the players to experience your music?
What would you do differently from other existing sound-orientated showcases?

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Its just to showcase some of my best music.

I really dont know I was thinking having players sit and talk or have them something to do or to at least have people have a feeling when listening to my music. Like happy or scared or just calm.

Am not really sure if there is another showcases like this but if there is am guessing the map would change each song comes on and something else you could do.

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You see; you are in this category named game design support. Not game idea support.

There’s a HUGE difference between the two and I wish you to learn it (and everyone else that reads this). Please read THE WHOLE THING:, it is a 5-10 minutes read and it will help you for the rest of your Roblox career. If you stumble upon any issues, I have a thread which discusses some obstacles in game design.

Before anything else: Establish your values, purpose and etc. How you want to approach things to integrate your values within your products/services. And then lastly what you want to do.

Then -
I suggest you open up a document and start with the normal format; Game loop, progression loop and social loop.

If you’re unsure how to start, here is a GREAT template you could take use of :slight_smile:


If it’s just a place to utilize as a portfolio of sorts, then so be it. It doesn’t need to make money through the game itself. Showcase yourself with the game, post the game as a part of a portfolio post in #collaboration:portfolios and find work for others through that which would in turn net you money and potentially popularity.

A showcase isn’t meant to be a game with retention or money incentive directly in it. It should simply showcase your work.


To add to the solution, as @GeorgeOfAIITrades stated, its not really a “game” but more or less a portfolio showing what you are capable of doing. As visualization and an example, I have a music showcase that is made to represent a recording studio. This allows the user to explore the interior where the record labels hang throughout the halls. Each with their own description, title, etc. You click either a play/stop button to listen to each record. ( I should update it to just press the record or sign.)

The studio layout:

The record labels [1]:

The record labels [2]:

Hope this helps and gives a new perspective or ideas of what to make for your showcase!