Music Showcase!

So I’ve been making music since January (2021) and I wanted to showcase it. But anyone can showcase their music here if they want! Here is my music (btw this is all in order of when I made it. (least recent to most recent)):

my song.mp3:

The Feeling/The Man/The Battle:

My friend’s intro song:

Astrology Adventure:

Someone’s intro song:

Dang bro (formerly “A song”):

I have a couple more but these are just some of my main one’s and favorite ones.


I think some of them are less, for a lack of a better word, “organized”. Intelligibility between instruments is rather unclear; a question of whether mixing is familiarized or not. Arrangement-wise, they are pretty simple and opens more room for improvement, for instance extending a bridge or adding variety by adding/removing instruments or slightly changing the notes in the end or start.

Overall, the music isn’t bad for a few months experience in my opinion.

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Thanks! And do you have any music you want to showcase?

I have quite a lot of topics covering my progress in music, but the latest project is:

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