Musket Testing Information

Here’s forty shillings on the drum…
For those who volunteer to come…,
To 'list and fight the foe today…
O’er the Hills and far away…

This post includes the controls for artillery and guns (3rd person and 1st person), as well as music mode, melee weapons, joining teams, and how to beat people up. It is recommended to play in 1st person if you would like a more realistic experience.

Game Link: (UPDATE!) Musket Testing - Roblox

First Person Gun Controls:

Left Click - Make Ready
Right Click or F - Present
Left Click - Fire Weapon
B - Attach Bayonet
Q - Aim
X - Use Bayonet

Third Person Gun Controls:

NOTE: To play in 3rd person mode, you must press Y when you equip a gun.
Left Click - Make Ready
F - Present
Left Click - Fire Weapon
B - Attach Bayonet
Q - Aim
X - Use Bayonet

Beating People Up (For Swab and Worm)

Press X while having the swab equipped to beat up people with it.
If you want to charge and use a war cry, hold F after you have done the above step.

Using Melee Weapons

Left Click - Attack
Right Click - Block an attack, this can be held down for continuous blocking.

Cannon Controls:

The cannon should be swabbed using the swab before loading. To swab it, click the front of the cannon barrel.
Click on an ammo box right near the cannon. This will give you a round shot to load.
Equip the round shot and click the front of the cannon to insert it.
Click the front of the cannon barrel while having the swab equipped to load the round shot.
Click the knob at the back to man the cannon. Press F to fire.

Howitzer Controls:

The howitzer is different from the cannon in a unique way; it can use exploding shells. The howitzer can be found at the wooden fort, also known as the palisade.

To begin, man the howitzer by clicking the knob at the back and aim it where you would like (press W, A, S,D to do so).

  1. Click the front of the howitzer barrel with the worm.
  2. Next, do the same with the swab.
  3. Click on an ammo box to get a canister (shotgun shell) or an exploding shell.
  4. Equip the shell, and click the front of the howitzer. If you are using an exploding shell, set the fuse to your desired length and then press W to load it. I recommend using the highest fuse time for beginners.
  5. Using the slow match, light the explosive shell by clicking the front of the barrel. (This is not needed for a canister).
  6. Now, QUICKLY get to the back of the howitzer, click the knob at the back to man it, and hit F to fire!
    IMPORTANT: If the fuse runs out before you get to fire, the howitzer will explode and damage your character!

Music Mode

This can be enabled by pressing the “Music Mode” button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
Note that there is a few second delay before enabling to prevent abuse.

Music mode will remove all your guns, grant you infinite health, and give you all available instruments. A title that says “passive” will appear over your head so that people know not to attack you.

Note that music mode will not work on a horse.

Joining a Nation

Joining a nation will give you a uniform and flag. To join one, go to the bottom left of your screen, and click on the nation name. Currently, the available nations are:

Click for List of Nations
  • Russia
  • Britain
  • Prussia
  • France

To leave a nation, scroll down on the team choosing GUI, and click on the ‘n00b’ button.

Latest Update: A new anti cheat has been implemented, meaning that certain exploiters will be trolled.