MustBeMadi's Portfolio | Clothing Designer, 3D Modeler, Detail Builder

About Me

My name is Madi, I am a small developer here on the Roblox Platform. I am also an offical Roblox Event Organizer who mainly specializes in clothing design, which I have been doing for three years. However, I recently picked up detailed building and 3D modelling. I am 17 years old and am always looking for projects to work on!

Contact Me

Discord: Madi#1891
Twitter: MustBeMadi

Clothing Design

About My Clothes

I do all of the following:

  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Jackets
  • Dresses (Preferred reference image, will take longer to complete.)
  • Uniforms (Workforce Uniforms)
  • Competitive Gymnastics Leotards, Dance Leotards, and Cheer Uniforms
  • Practice Gymnastics Leotards, Dance Leotards, and Cheer Practice Wear
  • Unitards

All items can be made for both males and females





Broad Catagories
Shirts: 100 robux
Pants: 100 robux
Jackets/Hoodies: 150 robux
Dresses: 350 robux
Uniforms (cafe, business, etc): 500 robux
Womens Competitive Gymnastics and Cheer Uniforms: 200 robux
Mens Competitive Gymnastics and Cheer Uniforms: 200 robux
Coed Cheer Uniforms: 350 robux
Practice Gymnastics Leotards and Cheer Wear: 150 robux
Coed Practice Wear: 250 robux

Anything in the BROAD CATAGORIES are price ranges based on difficulty

Custom Sets (Same Item, different color variations and/or text): +15 Robux per color/variant.

Anything in the SPECIFICS category is based on quantity

If you have any questions please DM me


You may pay via PayPal if needed, I don’t have set prices, so we will need to negotiate.


About My Modeling

I am currently new to modeling, so I am quite limited on what I can and can’t make.
What I can make:

  • Hairs
  • Accessories
  • Small Detail Items

These are currently being expanded.


I accept Robux and USD via PayPal (will need to negotiate).
Most items will be about 100-300 Robux based on the level of detail and what the item is.

Detail Building

About My Building

I can make pretty much anything in my detail building as it’s almost all entirely in Roblox Studio.


Some extra items in these images were made by other users.


I accept USD and Robux as payment options. All prices will need to be negotiated to a fair price for both myself and the customer. Prices will vary per project.


About My Animating

I can do both r6 and r15 animating. I do work in both area and enjoy animating. I have been animating for personal use for about a year and wish to continue.


My Most Recent: :) - Roblox


I run anywhere between 50-1000 Robux per animation depending on difficulty.
50 Robux - Poses
1000 Robux - Combos
All other prices will need to be negotiated.

This concludes my portfolio, thank you for looking and I can’t wait to hear from you if you are ordering something!


You are good at what you do! You should raise your prices on shirts and pants.


Thank you for the positive feedback. :smile:

Gotcha in discord! LOVE the work! :slight_smile:

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Oh wow! You are an amazing creator! I will be sure to contact you soon. The detail and just everything is amazing. Keep the hard work up.

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I like your work, I’m 100% sure I’ll contact you about uniforms for my group!


Really like those heather shirts I tried to get into contact with you but it says your user was wrong

I’m definitely interested. Please add me, your discord isn’t working!
Team Wang#6304

Wow, your cheer outfits are VERY nice and detailed. I love that you provided a TON of examples rather than just 2 or 3. Nice job! xo

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