Mute video thumbnails by default instead of full volume

Right now, video thumbnails will always start at full volume (and will not consider the video settings linked to your logged-in YouTube account either). This is not very user-friendly as you can imagine because it disrespects the volume preferences of the user.

I suggest that the videos are muted by default and that the user manually has to turn up the volume. This way, videos will not unexpectedly disturb the users, nor disturb them when they have specific volume settings that causes these video thumbnails to be very loud.

This is very similar to Steam store pages, where videos are also muted by default.

(edit: took out example I provided, because it’s no longer accessible. The gist of the example was: RIP my ears.)


Or just turn off autoplay all together. I rather watch the video when I want it instead of having it play in the background after I pressed play.


I think the YouTube player will already play videos only when the tab is focused, so when you are actually looking at it. Otherwise it will play once you re-select the tab. (At least in Chrome it is like that.) I personally don’t mind the videos in themselves, because it’s part of the representation of the games, my main concern in this feature request is the audio.

It also sucks that you have to pause a video every time you go to a game’s page if you don’t want to watch it.


I can’t remember the amount of times this has been suggested but I still fully support it.


That moment when you have a video thumbnail deleter and can’t kill your ears because there’s no video thumbnail ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It’s pretty silly I had to write a userscript to delete video thumbnails to stop them from killing my ears. Full support.


Video autoplaying on ROBLOX has been a pain for all the time that I remember.
I ended up starting on my chrome extension by making videos not autoplay, and all it took was overwriting a single JavaScript variable. Wonderful days ever since. Except I forgot to bake cake today, but that’s derailing of a thread.

No, I wouldn’t say muting the audio altogether is a good idea either. The idea of not having a video autoplay is the best option in my opinion.

Bumping this topic because I was just about to make a similar request. This features has been bothering me since the beginning. The worst thing is when you click play right as the video starts playing, the pop-up claims focus and you have to endure 5 seconds of loud noise until you’re able to mute the video. It also doesn’t make sense that the video has volume set to 100%. People rarely ever set their volume to 100%.


I don’t need three guesses to figure out what game you’re talking about :grin:


Going to give this feature request another bump rather than creating an entirely new thread. But, it is quite annoying and inconvenient for most players when they go to a game page and a video just starts playing.

Is there a reason Roblox web engineers haven’t already just set videos to be paused by default?


I support the audio request, but I don’t think videos should always be automatically paused, because most of the time no one will watch the video if it doesn’t play automatically, so if you have something that catches the viewers eye in the first few seconds they will probably watch the rest even though they weren’t planning to do it in the first place.


Seems as though videos don’t autoplay now! (Not sure if this is just a setting I might have accidentally enabled on Youtube or something, but for me all video thumbnails on games now pause!) Let me know if this is true for others!

Roblox has not made any changes to the system. This is actually due to a change that Chrome recently has made where they now automatically pause videos that automatically play because it is annoying and everyone hates it.