Muted categories only show in mobile view

I have found this bug only now but every time Desktop View is on I can’t see my Muted Categories on the DevFourm (which are #bulletin-board and collaboration)
This video shows it all (please mind the fact that My Shot Rise Up Remix is playing)
I may have to screenshot the issues as screen recordings don’t work for my iPad to here
To reproduce this you must:

  1. Make sure you have muted categories on the mobile view
  2. Turn on desktop view
  3. Now check your muted categories

Web Browser: Safari Web App
Device: iPad (10th generation) running iPadOS 17.3 (not beta)
Impact: Minor
When this first happened: The day this topic is made


I have some images providing my point (some may contain some weird black thing but that’s a glitch and the second last image is mobile view and the last image is desktop view)