Muting people affects everyone

I think this is a bug but if set somebody to muted then it has everyone else set to muted as well

I’m on the mobile website so idk what is going on with that

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An interesting side effect is unmuting a different person because it mutes everyone, it unmutes the individual you intended to mute, as well as everyone else. Unmuting anyone fixes it though. Also seems to happen with the “ignore” feature (only available to TL2+)

oh wow I didn’t know the ignore feature had these problems as well

Hello, thanks for the report! Are you still experiencing this issue on your side?

I muted the top image’s profile and it showed muted when I went to check a random profile

as you can see from the top photo I realized that this is only visual because only the first one was muted

so I guess the problem is that it shows muted for people who aren’t muted

EDIT: it will say every profile is muted even if you reset the page

EDIT2: if you unmute in preferences it unmutes everybody visually which is good

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