MuxToon's Small Pack!

You may use this freely but aren’t allowed to sell it to others and say that it’s made by you!
Note : Every single thing is made by me.
MuxToon’s Small Pack - Pack - Roblox

I’m MuxToon

I’ve been on Roblox for 3 years and started developing 2 years ago.
I’ve decided to create my first open resource to provide to people in need. This is to help developers that are struggling with their game. It’s not a lot but more are coming soon!

If you need to contact me for any reason.
Here’s my :
Discord : MuxToon#6886
Twitter : (@ToonMux)

6 Different Trees
2 Different Terrains
• Fountain
• Bridge
• Long Fence
• Short Fence
• Lamp
• Egg holder
• Crate
• Barrel
• Log
• Cactus
• Leaderboard
• Diamond
• Coin

To new Developers!
If you don’t know this, you can customize it in studio but first you have to remove the Texture ID! (it’s in properties)

texture id intact

texture id invisible

Then you can change the color.

color n

Thanks for Reading, Enjoy!