MVP - The Key To a Finished Game

I’ve searched the forum countless times and Im surprised no one has covered this yet but anyway Im here to cover it!

This is directed at developers with game ideas in mind but havent yet acted on it or plan to act on it soon or developers who lack motivation to continue a project and want to decide to start fresh on a new project.

Background Information
In the past and somewhat currently I’ve struggled with staying motivated with developing games and have quit on countless projects because just the lack of motivation, I’d start this big project and a week later would be unmotivated and it really sucked because you want to finish that project but just mentally couldnt.

What is MVP?
MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product, and some of you may have heard of it, but others maybe not.
A Minimum Viable Product is the smallest and simplest version of anything your trying to create in a development scenario that can be used and tested as if it were a fully finished product, in this case a Roblox game!

Further Explanation
If you look at the top section of this image where it says “No like this” you can see that we start out with a wheel and then two wheels, an continuing a car body and then the full built car.
What’s wrong with this is that many people try to get the full product done, but the consumer cant even use or test the product until its fully complete so this opens up things like design flaws and incorrect assumptions on what people want. Lack of feedback makes this very risky to pull off.

Looking at the second example, we can see that we focus on the need of the consumer each iterative step of the way until we finally reach the complete product, this allows us to constantly receive feedback and improve the product as needed based on what the consumer wants.

We start out with a skateboard which is better than nothing, but then the scooter and the bicycle and so on; these are of course metaphors this can be applied to any customized product development scenario.

How can I use this for early roblox game development?

Well first you want to start to cut unnecessary content out of your game, you want to have the base mechanics of the game that are vital to the gameplay down before you add any other sort of content because if the core gameplay isnt fun then adding unnecessary content to the game wont help improve the fun, but not just that, when your trying to get feedback on the game clogging it up with extra content wont tell you the clear underlying issues of the core gameplay of the game ,but the extra content that is overbearing that actual core mechanics.

Start by making a prototype and then slowly building and expanding your game off of that feedback to make it better and better until before you know it youve finished the game and youve gotten that final product that the consumer wants, and their happy with it!

Thanks for reading!



That’s is what I normally do. It’s really nice to see people explaining this concept so perfectly. I can see a beginner using this to create a nice game. Awesome work!