My 100 Stage Obby

Y’all mind giving any opinions on my first game here? Im currently still workin on it but leave a like if you enjoyed! Also I’m here for the feedback so if you have any constructive criticism I’ll take it on the chin! :sunglasses: :100:


It’s nice but it could use some work, what’s your target audience?


Thank you for the feedback and Ive been sponsoring a little bit for phone/tablet, 13-16, female audience

If you look at Roblox user statistics, you can see that 43.96% of Roblox users are under the age of 13, 67% of Roblox users are under 16, and 44% are female. Roblox is also dominated by mobile players. 13-16 audience probably wouldn’t be the audience for obby games, there are some obbies that are popular with this audience but those games are very different. Your game, by the looks of it looks like it’s for younger children with the simple UI and the overall game design. Choose a good audience and if you want to stick with this audience then you need to spruce the game up to look more well put together.


I’ll do my best but what do you recommend I do? Should I try and make the checkpoints bigger, decorate the obby here n there, etc?

I recommend you to make the game better suitable for younger children, the thumbnail and game art for your obby seems like it is targeted at more mature audiences. It makes it seem like one of the harder obbies that most little kids won’t really play. Make the thumbnail better for kids Ex:

You can just go to any obby game for kids and take some inspiration, this is viable to any type of game you want to make. You can also look at some of the obbies aimed at older audiences and play them a bit to get a feel for how they attract players.

Notice the more professional tone, a more mature game, it’s not exactly only for older audiences but small kids will be less likely to play this game than let’s say “Team Daycare Escape”

Take care .:wave:

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Thank you brother and have a wonderful rest of your day/night :sunglasses::facepunch:t4: