My 2022 Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio

My name is Bred, I’m mainly a UI designer and I specialize in Modern/Flat UI I also make logos. I’m looking for a few larger jobs so I can fund my personal projects.


Logo Designs

UI/UX/GUI Designs

A custom app store with fluid animations I’ve been working on - YouTube
Note the reason it took me so long to get that working is I converted everything from other designs to modules so this design could run smoother and have more features (with less headache)

Note for the image above.
More coming soon, You could be the next!


I don’t have any reviews yet but you could be the first!


More coming soon

Quick note, My old hdd died and I lost like 60 Ui designs and logos aswell as a bunch of builds, If your worried about quality I can do a quick design in discord dms.


I my prices are based on what you add on top of the base

Pricing Stuff

Base Prices:
Functional Menu GUI : 100-500 robux
Full Game GUI : 1000-5000 robux
UnScripted Game : 500-1000
UnScripted Menu : 50-200
note: I also work by commissions I think are fair (usually a lot lower than prices)

Animation Module : 1.1x base price (Fully animated Transitions between menus, Important buttons, etc)
SFX module : 1.1x base price (Sound effects)
Game Settings System : 1.4x base price (For full game, Adds a settings menu for audio, graphics etc)
Micro Animations : 5x base price (Every button reacts to the user, Hover, Click, Etc)

To figure out a rough price multiply what you want, Ex. (Base x Addon) x Addon
Base prices are flexible but those are the average ranges (Lower or higher based on project scale)


I hope we can do business together, Thanks for checking out my portfolio
Discord : Bred#5053


These designs look really nice and minimal, Looking forward to seeing more of your work!


Sorry to bring disappointing news to you, but DevForum portfolios will all be locked on October 1 and fully deleted before 1 January 2022.


Im working on my talent hub page still :slight_smile:

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Really? Talent Hub is good for recruitment but they allow like nothing to show our work. This is kinda stupid ngl.


Wait what??!?!?! That’s so annoying!


Yep. Every time I check #collaboration:portfolios out, I feel a stroke of sorrow to those who just posted, because it’ll become pointless in 2 days.

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Dude DevForum people are doing a really dumb thing replacing Collab with Talent Hub man


Amazing work! sent you a friend request


I think I ignored it on accident, if you send another I would be glad to accept :slight_smile:

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sorry to be that guy but I think you meant,
“Dude DevForum people are doing a really dumb thing replacing Collab with Talent Hub man”

Lemme know if you did mean to say what you did though

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Dude your just on point man what can i say XD

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Honestly, I kind of agree. Every single portfolio I read on DevForum is making me upset today (It’s sept 30 and 23 hours before the death of collaboration).

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