My 2nd GFX. (Blender)

Hello! I’ve recently posted a post called “My First GFX” (And got lots of negative responses, but a lot of tips!). If you haven’t seen it, here is the link: My first GFX. (Banner) - #92 by Nullicity. I made a lot of improvements in my work and I’ve finished the render within 1 hour.

Please comment on what you think, and give me tips on my render.

What do you think? What can I improve on?

Edit: The first one is just the normal one. Here is the one with the background:

Edit 2: Made into icon as well:


I knew you could make better ones. :smiley:


Also try making character R15 More things to move around and make more poses, render’s.


The GFX looks good! Although the lighting is not very realistic. I would try using Future lighting when making GFX’s next time. But again, this is still a good GFX! :smiley:


I used HDRI btw. Many people suggested that I used HDRI, so it looks more “comfy” and such.


Anyone wanna give me suggestions or tips?

Wow great job! I would suggest making the pose more natural.

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Huge improvement to your previous GFX. Pretty nice background and an identifiable pose, but the background doesn’t properly fit the field (?) of the camera in the render. on the right, you can see it cut off suddenly. (shown below)
You can change the camera’s size in the output properties with the camera selected.
The lighting is nice enough, seems quite cosy and good, but the pose for the character is a bit boring. With the tutorial I used, there is a download for a great rig. Of course, if you want it to look like the rig in the image below, you would need to follow the tutorial, but it’s 100% worth it in the end. I pulled together a quick render of my friend for this, using the rig from the tutorial.

(the background was meant to be transparent, but defaults to black / white here for some reason)
The tutorial features how to do wrinkles on clothing, more R15 poses, etc. Just like last time, it will be linked below.

Still though, amazing improvement Wowpower91. Keep going! :smile:


I will take this into account. Thank you!


Great work! You improved quite a lot since your first GFX hours ago. Here are my recommendations with this one:

  • Use the PaintRigV3 or PaintRigV4 (Faceless) rig
  • Dynamic poses

Analysis on Issue #1

The PaintRigV3 or V4 rigs can let you smoothly bend limbs, although not how a R15 character bends limbs. When rendering these rigs, the result is a smooth curve bend much unlike the R15 joints that stick out when bent.

Analysis on Issue #2

If you want to make a great GFX, then dynamic poses are the way to go. Remember my last bit of feedback, where I said to rotate or bend at least all of the limbs a tiny bit. Make the poses more natural, because, really, who stands that stiff? :joy:

Overall, this GFX was a great improvement. I can’t wait to see your next one!

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The lighting looks terrible. However, everything else is just amazing! If you could give me the blender source file I could show you some ways to improve.

Your first gfx and second gfx have many differences (in a good way) Fix the lighting, and pose all the limbs.

Edit the positioning of the character to make it look more natural, and the lighting could be way better.

Amazing, it’s such an improvement from the first one. Although I do agree with the others and that the lighting needs to be a little brighter to bring more “life” into the GFX. Other than that, great job!!! :smiley:

I feel like this was a bit rushed due to peer pressure.

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Hmm the GFX looks good. Just maybe add r15 just like @BodhiStirling said.

Please don’t @ me. When I am busy.

Wow, this is a lot better. I would try to do a pose that doesn’t cover the face. Also lighting needs improvement. First thing I would change is rendering in cycles. It actually looks like you took a picture of it in material view but maybe not. So render in cycles and play with lights until it looks good for example here is a style I like to do in my renders: I make to lights that have contrasting colors and a main color and a dimmer color. Then I do an even dimmer soft white light to remove any hard shadows. Hope this helps, Looks great :+1:

I found this screenshot of my first one before I fixed the alpha just to show how I messed around with the lighting (which I know is not good :sweat_smile:)

Good GFX, however, I would use the render cycles instead of evee to render the photo for more realism and better lighting :smiley: (sorry if I got the spelling wrong and if you are already using cycles) Good job overall! :smiley:

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This is a huge improvement from your last GFX, and I bet that your next one will be even better than this! :slight_smile:

Do make sure to fix the lighting as it looks like it was taken in the 80s with no color.

It kind of looks like no lights were added so add some lights, for me personally, I like to use the point light.

The camera captures the white background, so make sure to position it a bit more carefully next time!

out of all of them, the icon was the best!