My 2nd music piece

By The Way i dont care if you steal this, its a practise since its my 2nd time doing music.


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Congratulations! You have made a melody, which is off to a good start but could otherwise be improved by different lengths of a note. Also you could accompany the melody with other melodies like countermelodies, drones, etc.

Take this piano with strings backing composition, for example:


Thanks! but ive found a problem i cant fix.
i use MuseScure 3, but after the music finishes. it just stops and continue stops till it hits the end. how do i fix it?

It sounds soft and nice! one thing I noticed were that sometime during the first 20 seconds, two notes seem to be playing at once, which sounds a little out of place, but if it was intentional, that’s fine.

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Doesn’t Musescore have its own forum on its own site? Try looking there for a solution. My past work used to have long silences in the end because of a subtle echoing sound that I forgot to tune down.

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thanks for the help! ill check right now.