My 3d model is too bright

Hello guys!

I played around with my map’s environment settings until I got it just the way I liked it, but my 3D objects are too “reflective” and appear to be too bright. Can anyone help me fix this without messing with the environment settings?

I’d say if there’s a way to add more shadow to the design. Then do it!

This post should be related to your problem: Shiny meshes problem

how to add more shadows? I dont Know

Try right clicking your model in Blender and clicking shade flat. Or mess with auto smooth.


You could duplicate it. That doubles the shadows.

That’s likely a result of the Bloom object under Lighting, which is automatically applied to the new Baseplate template in studio—deleting it or changing the Threshold value will help you eliminate the glow.


Yeah. That’s what I meant. Tahnks for describing it way better!

Try to use pbr or play by changing material to fabric or other