My 5th UGC Concept (Im not so good at modeling, so I still need to learn)

Done with my 5th UGC Concept


Name: Shinobi

Price: 50R$

Type: Hat Accessory
image image

What do you guys think?

Thank you for reading everyone, have a great day!


I like the shape of the hat. However it could do with a bit of texture. Either a straw of a woven texture would look good. Just seems a bit basic to me.

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To be honest, there isn’t much to look at. It’s really just a cylinder with the bottom side resized. There isn’t even a texture or anything on it. Though as said in the title, you are still learning, try to push yourself. Use E to extrude faces and then to resize them one again. Just try to experiment with thing. Anyone who knew to press shift a and then tab would be able to do that. Just keep learning and exploring :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh yeah could you also show us a picture of the underside? If it’s flat you may want to extrude it inwards to make it not so thick.

SECOND EDIT: Brw for the future you aren’t allowed to sell items on the website.


I think it could use a bit more effort. Perhaps a texture like @RainbowStachio said? It looks like a cone that has the top of it cut off. I think the hat is a bit too large. The hat’s height is 1.5x the height of the head and it should probably be at most 0.5x.

If you were in the program I doubt this would get accepted, no offense. There is already a straw hat found in the catalog:

I think the best way to get used to Blender would be to watch tutorials on YouTube.

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Is that a lamp shade? 30characters

I don’t think that is what OP was doing. I think they were giving us an example of how they’d price the UGC item if they ever had UGC privileges.

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Yes, that what I meant. (30 chars…)

Looks good…
Isn’t there a hat already somewhat like this? And I’d recommend changing the price into 25R$