My 8th Commissioned Logo! Feedback Appreciated!

It’s all about worth to the customer. The Nike logo is a simple tick, but it’s worth millions of dollars. Sometimes the simplest of designs get paid the most. Regarding the logo, I like it, but not sure if it’s just me but the circle isn’t a perfect one and feels slightly wider than it is tall.


Thank you! Unfortunately it really was not my choice, the client directed everything practically.

Ahh in that case try making some og ui art for to show us i really want to see your talents

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Ok since, there is a bit of a debate in the bottom. This logo is far from what I consider my best work.

I have made other posts about my logos: My first ever commissioned logos, feedback appreciated and My 6th Logo/Thumbnail - #13 by SuspendedIQ

These logos were cheaper than this, and I believe I should have sold these for much higher prices.

@ComplicatedParadigm I recommend to check this out, as this is probably the peak of my everday work.

WOW :smiley:!
These are great especially the first one what software do you use?

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Photopea! Remeber these were before I discovered better lighting and shades, which I now use in my future commissions. The pyramid one was for a friend, and was somehow my favorite one, even though it was more no price. I have no regrets though!

ill def try out that.
You have any tuts where you learned to use it?

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I used GFX comet! He does not really use Photopea but an application very similar. Practically the same.

ok thanks for the channel i’ll check him out.

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Looks nice! I like the first one.

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Thanks! Tell me, how much would a logo at that cost be sold for?