My account got 'moderated/deactivated' for decal/image

I just uploaded 2 images below and got moderated…


I was worried because I had no idea why :frowning:
the file name is ‘CTOP’ and ‘CTP’ (maybe it’s because of the file name)?

what should I do to prevent things like this to happen again?


You should probably appeal, because that’s doesn’t look like it’s breaking the tos. The same thing happened to me with a picture of a directional arrow, I appealed and they allowed it back up

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can you show me how to appeal ?

I think when the post saying it was moderated came up, there was an option to appeal on the bottom. I’m also pretty sure you can appeal by going to the help section and contacting support.

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You don’t have to worry/fear. You just click the check box to agree to the T&S. The moderation bot can be very stringent at times, and moderate the most random things (I got moderated for uploading a circle once :rofl:)

Your images look fine and it’s more or less just the moderation bot being picky


I was so confused and scared :rofl: at first.
Like I’ve been using my account for 8 years , being banned because of an image isn’t the way I am gonna go! :joy:


You can also request to approve your images. If you’re a Regular, go to #platform-feedback:moderation-review-requests and ask them to upload the pics.

My account was take down for a similar post.
Mr Terry's

(You will have to squint very hard, it says “Mr Terry’s”. I sent an appeal about 10 days ago and I still have had absolutely nothing back. What should I do?

edit: 3 days ago, time flies!


Well , I just forget about my images.
I uploaded maybe a hundreds of images , and only those 2 of mine got moderated.
so I am just not gonna waste my time over that 2 image and create a new one … I guess …

Okay, I was worried that it was like a 3 strikes and you get banned system or something so I haven’t actually uploaded any images since then out of fear. Does this mean it won’t be a problem?

well , from my experience . I already got more then 5 strikes from various reasons other than image moderation. So I don’t really think they would ban you over something like this . But ,I’m also worried I would get ban if I accidentally upload another ‘similar’ image like I uploaded above. I’d probably keep away from uploading images with any TEXT.

That’s really annoying, because I was planning to upload loads of decals with texts in them. is there any way of getting around this?

Mhm, I don’t tend to upload decals/images on my main account as I don’t trust the moderation system, so instead I just create an account for uploading decals and images and if it gets warned… I don’t really need to worry about it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


that is actually a great idea , but it would take extra steps just to upload an image .
maybe it’s worth it .

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You do in fact need to worry. My account got deleted for this recently, I had to submit support forms for days on the off chance that somebody will actually read what I’m saying.

Somebody eventually did, and restored my account, but still claimed that the deletion was valid, but I couldn’t get proof because the decal was deleted. The whole thing just didn’t make sense.

I had many false warnings, I sent e-mails for all of them to have the “strike” removed from my account if there is such a thing as a strike system. For all except one I had someone tell me that they left a note saying it was a false alarm.

So either:
A) everyone lied to me and didn’t leave notes
B) a person deleted my account but didn’t care to read those notes
C) a bot deleted my account
D) the decal was very offensive and blatantly against the ToS

It’s definitely not D because why would I risk loosing all my hard work, and A would be very odd, that’s hopefully not the case. So you can pick between B and C.

Conclusion: be very worried. I agree with @Abroxus and moreover you should be using a proxy and a virtual machine in which you should make sure that your MAC address has been changed. So an alt + different IP + VM with different MAC. Exclude any of those and they’ll still know it’s you, that has been proven many times.

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I am ultimately worried , my Roblox account is my everything.
I don’t even upload any decals that have text in it anymore just for extra measures.
I do think this is bots doing , it’s insane if a person decide to delete an account for something like this.

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