My Aldi store build

My 9th ever build, feedback appreciated!


You could put a foundation under it and have the pillars rest on top of the foundation.

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That’s actually a really good idea ha thank you

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This Aldi store build looks good! Although it is pretty basic, it’s alright. Nice job on it!


Good work! Just some general feedback, the roof looks very thin and the height should be increased. I recommend adding things like maybe some shopping carts outside next to the window, a sidewalk, and little details like that to make your store look more alive. The windows look a little flat which could be fixed by added another layer of frame on the outside of the window.

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Will do! ill reply to this again with a screenshot once ive done what I can

Here is how it looks, I dont really know how to build shopping carts yet ha

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Nice build. I’d recommend to add some depth along with some more material variation to the building.

Reference photo of an Aldi’s

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