My animations are not working how I want them to



Hello, I have made several animations which I want to put into a GUI which when you press a button for an animation then it plays and keeps playing until you press the button again and stays playing the animation whilst your moving as well.

For example:
Folded arms. So you press the button and your arms fold and then you can walk around and your arms are still folded and unless you press the button again your arms stay folded.

I have put the animation into a GUI and it runs but it stops after a short amount of time or when you move.

The animations are set to the lowest time I can set them to and they are looped so I have no idea why it doesn’t work I am assuming it is something to do with a script somewhere.

If you have any idea it would be appreatiated to hear it.



Have you tried setting the priority of the animations to “Action”?