My background music isn't looping

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    background music ;p

  2. What is the issue? Include enough details if possible!
    it doesnt loop

  3. What solutions have you thought of so far?
    it works in my other game with a different sound file.

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THIS IS THE MUSIC.rbxm (17.0 kb)

it plays once then stops

any help will be helpful!
FYI it needs to be that exact sound file.


Alright, so click the music thing in the Explorer, in Properties, click loop, checkmark that box. Then, it should loop. Did you try that?

yes. it still doesn’t loop. :l

You’ve checked off this box?

Is your volume up in studio? Go on Play > Settings and verify that your volume is up.

yes it is checked.
i do have volume up. i can hear the first time then it stops

Ok, let me test. But because its’s so long, I can’t give an answer right away.

what is weird is the other sound isnt set to loop and it does and this one doesnt loop regardless.

Everything looks good to me, I don’t know what’s wrong.

omg it works now
(extra stuff tomake this over 30 letters)

Could the music file be corrupted ? Try re publishing it to roblox.

Can you tell us how you fixed the issue?

i reloaded the window
(closed and reopened it)

wait now its not working :l idk why

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You might wanna try re plublishing it, if the issue persists then it’s probably an issue in your end.

Make sure the file length is the same as the length that displays on roblox. If it isn’t there might be a long silence in the music itself.

I did the best thing and used a different sound altogether. Sounds a bit better, and loops!

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