My basic gfx for roblox in blender i need feedback on it

my basic gfx for roblox in blender i need feedback on it


It is not bad in my opinion, however, I think the Text is a bit bright, maybe you need to lower the brightness on those texts. There’s no other part of my concern here, other else is pretty neat :+1:

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I don’t like this.
The cars are not emitting light.
The posing is weird.
The scene is terrible.
The lighting is weird.
The text is off.

The cars are good though.

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yeah, position the text to be a little more direct to the camera.
you can do this by copying the rotation value of the camera to the 3d text itself, but if you delete it off for another render, you can do it in an art software or specifically photoshop, and use a fine font for it, maybe make it white, since the backgrounds seems to have the lighting of the evening, oh and the crouched up avatar looks off, maybe bend it further, and make sure he’s on the floor!
You should also add in-direct lighting to the scene, to give it a bit of shadows, this will help give it depth.
and a small touch would be bloom, give it a bit of bloom, not too much, but enough to know there’s bloom.

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Thank you for your opinion, I understand that I have many mistakes on this GFX it’s my first time to do something like that, I will try out more in the future.

I could agree with you in some points but don’t forget that it’s actually my first time trying to do GFX on roblox, I still try my best to work on that it would be nice if you give me some tips to do with the GFX I really would appreciate that.

Also, cars are made by me. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

thank you, that’s really helpful I will try that on my next GFX.

no Exceptions.

just kidding, i get it, i would recommend looking at landscape shots from hobbists or photographers in reasonable means, or look at google images, sometimes you’ll learn a thing or two about how lighting sometimes reflect how things look, such as the colors, feel and surroundings.
which, if you have a yellow-ish light that is bright, it can be taken as the sun, but if you have a bright, white light from many angles, it can be taken as a stage with professional lights, and so on!

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there is no effects what so ever

Improve text and pose. Looks good

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I’m going to be very honest, the quality and style looks good, however maybe add some blue and red lights in the interior windshield of the Police car, plus rearrange the “C” in the word city in your GFX because it looks more thinner than the C in cars, plus instead of pink for the letters maybe choose a more suitable color such as red, yellow, and green, and add some designs in the lettering like a small car, or stoplight, etc. however it does look good even without those designs but maybe just fix the lettering and make it more visible.

Lastly, also, for the models of the cars in the background I see the yellow and the police car models don’t have sideview mirrors, compared to the sports car, maybe also add sideview mirrors on both sides, and to make the scene also more beautiful, add some more lighting in the background, like a sunset.

Overall, the quality is good, however maybe just fix the lettering, fix the modelling, and if you desire, to make it more scenic, make the scene behind a sunset.

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My criticisms are pretty similar to this. I would recommend trying to just add 2d text in a photo editing program like or photoshop.
With the car lights, well, I’m not the most skilled with blender so I can’t really say anything here, but maybe try to add lights?
The posing, perhaps rotate the legs to go in the same direction as the rest of the body?
The cars a great, better than anything I can do, no need to change them.
Overall, not bad for a basic GFX. Could use some improvements, but great job and keep up the good work!

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Cool, although I think the text is a little to bright and unrealistic. I also don’t know why your avatar is crouching down, either that or you screwed up the legs. The sky box could also be improved a little bit at least to match the lighting.

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I think the posing of the character is very off. If he is walking then his arms and legs shouldn’t be like that. I would suggest paying attention to how people in real life walk and go off of that.
The cars are also a little too big compared to the size of the player.
The clouds look 2D.
The cars headlights should produce light instead of just glowing.
Maybe more background stuff since it’s literally in the middle of no where on a grey platform.
The text is hard to read and doesn’t fit the rest of the picture. Maybe put 3D text into the render instead.
I’m not sure why underneath the cars are yellow.
The atmospheric lighting is pretty good though.

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