|| My Birthday Game || Progess ||

Birthday Info

|| Hello, My Birthday currently right now is 7 days away, its on November 1st ||

|| I’ve decided to plan my Birthday Game early so its ready in time since I’m also celebrating it on ROBLOX with my Friends & Their Friends. ||


Game Info

The Game is not gonna open until October 29th, Saturday 12:00 AM

Game Link

Birthday Decorations for the Game

That comes tomorrow since i spent hours making something big that took longer than i thought (its the screenshot that shows the long tall tower inside water underground, still a work in progress)


Also to clarify something, inside the long tall tower underwater is gonna have a giant mech of me with 3d clothing i make from smooth mesh parts, and the top roof of the tower are sliding doors, and theres a lift floor that the mech is gonna stand on to.

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dang, to bad roblox shutdown, i cant even play the game :frowning:

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Gotta hope the website gets fixed on November 1st.

yea, i hope so to, ima just go back on doing things in blender

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