My blender is messed up!

i made this in blender

looks like this in studio


You need to simply export the textures to studio but you cannot export the “Neon Effect” used in blender, you need to set the part to a neon material!


how do i export textures 30 lets

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also can i export blender nodes? from material tab?

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But bro you can add colors and textures like neon in studio it self, using the material drop down list given on the model or home bar

Well if you want to texture in blender you can do that but then you can’t edit its color or anything in future for that model when you import it to the studio (You can but then you have to delete the texture ids in the properties section of that model)

texturing in blender can be done in so many ways i suggest to watch @IamRoBuilder videos he explains texturing almost in all his making models videos…he is a person who loves texturing and also you can get the texturing palette from his discord server (To find the discord server just go to the description of any of his videos and ya boom you’ll get it)

  1. 100% MOST EASY WAY TO TEXTURE MODELS (Blender 2.8) - YouTube
  2. How to TEXTURE in Under 60 Seconds.. (Blender) - YouTube

Now this guy, he knows his stuff lemme tell u that :rofl:

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ya lol ty :laughing: well ya am a modeler and a builder :innocent:

u gotta bake the textures generated from nodes into a png file and apply that texture in studio to your model.
exporting right after making a node without baking it into a single texture file wont work.

i meant like metalness

look at the materials tab like that

looks like that in blender but just a normal cube in studio

How do i do that? 30 lettersss

It’s not possible to export blender materials (shine effects with colors) to roblox studio. You either have to:

  • Texture Paint the mesh but that won’t give it a glow

  • Export the handle of your mesh and the part that glows separately so you can make the saber neon, and the handle of the saber metal with roblox materials

But yeah to answer the question, nothing is wrong with your blender, it just doesn’t work with exporting with blender materials.


Damn thats unfortunate but it is what it is, regardless thanks!

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