My bluetooth earbuds have to be re-paired each time I test in Studio

Just in the last week every time I click Run, Play, or Play Here my Bluetooth headphones disconnect and the sound comes from my speakers.

Searching the forums and other websites don’t have much information on this subject.

I’m unsure if it’s an update from Robox or my Windows 11 PC that’s started causing this, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see if anyone else is having the issue, or knows what setting changed on my computer and can direct me to the fix.

Expected behavior

It’s never done this before. Any audio I was playing (Spotify, Youtube etc.) would keep playing and the Audio from Studio would play as well on my earbuds. It didn’t matter if I had one or the other as my focused window.


Same issue here, I need to reconnect my JVC headphones (bluetooth) everytime I press “Play” in Studio. Or, change the Windows output to the headphones.


I dont see a bug report for it yet but it seems like studio broke audio recently. Even if you’re not using Bluetooth earbuds, you have to minimize and restore the studio window for audio to fix itself. I don’t even see studio in the audio mixer anymore. Probably related to your issue.


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


@SomeFedoraGuy & @PeZsmistic I was PMing with another Roblox Staff member.

Turns out they did some small audio changes recently, but the big issue is that I had my mic turned on with my Bluetooth earbuds. When this happens with other sound inputs it changes how the audio is heard.

“Could check what output device do you have in your Roblox Settings?
If you used Roblox with voice chat and your output device is set to Headset then you will hear only Roblox sounds.
If you select Headphones then it should work with Spotify.
Since last month we store device selection from Settings, so when I press Play in Studio, Roblox tries to use a device that was used last time.”

I haven’t ever used Roblox voice chat, but I turned off my mic and now when testing in Studio audio works when other apps are playing audio as well.