My boat keeps spinning

My boat keeps

spinning when I turn, and it doesn’t untill a long time. It has a vectorforce and a torque


i dont remember the name but i remember there was a thing about velocity inside the object that does that
just set it to 0

Velocity under the torque or vectorforce?

i think it was linear velocity orientation i dont remember but you can find it in the explorer tab when scrolling the bottom of the object stuff

The velocity under the torque and vector force are all 0,0,0. could there be another thing?

assembly angular velocity
try setting it to 0,0,0 inside the part

All of them are 0,0,0 yet it still persist. There is a script inside the vehicle seat. the T and F are Torque and F = force.

local vehicleSeat = script.Parent

local force = 5 * 10^3
local torque = 10 * 10^3

function updateForces()
vehicleSeat.F.Force = * .5 * -vehicleSeat.Steer * vehicleSeat.Throttle, 0, force * vehicleSeat.Throttle)
vehicleSeat.T.Torque =, torque * -vehicleSeat.Steer * vehicleSeat.Throttle, 0)

while wait() do